Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is skilled treatment in which the therapist and patient work in developing skills for daily living. While physical therapy focuses on gross motor skills, occupational therapy addresses fine motor skills. For children, our OT’s will assist in developing the new skills they will need for learning, playing, and growing. Therapy could address issues involving:

Some children are more sensitive or less sensitive than other children to the stimuli they receive from their senses. Individuals that have problems trying to receive, organize,
and process information from one or all of the senses have a sensory processing disorder. At Dymond Speech & Rehab., P.A., we have therapists experienced in working with children who have sensory integration dysfunction. Therapeutic Listening® is one program that our OT's utilize to produce specific effects on listening skills. Both of our clinic sites in Sanford, NC and Pittsboro, NC are properly equipped to provide a variety of treatment approaches.