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Speech Therapy

Communication is essential for success in home, school, and life. Our Speech and Language Pathologists work to improve children’s developmental abilities by helping them share ideas and understand people around them.

Occupational Therapy

Daily activities and routines can be challenging when children have delayed motor development or sensory processing difficulties. Our Occupational Therapists work with children to improve self-care independence, fine motor abilities, play skills, and much more.

Feeding Therapy

Providing guidance to address feeding challenges, improve feeding skills, and support successful breastfeeding experiences for all families.


4 Steps To Get Started

Give us a call to discuss your concerns. We are here to help you with the referral process, guide you through talking with your child’s physician, and ensuring you know how Dymond will help address your concerns. We must receive a referral from your child’s doctor for Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Lactation Consulting.
Benefit Checks
Once we receive your child’s referral, we will give you a call to schedule an initial evaluation & discuss your child’s insurance coverage. If the child is not covered by insurance, paying out-of-pocket is also accepted.
During an initial evaluation, a therapist will meet with you & your child, observe them through play, administer initial testing, and determine how often therapy is recommend.
Our speech & occupational therapists employ a range of techniques, exercises, and strategies tailored to each child’s unique needs, fostering improved communication, enhanced quality of life, & greater autonomy in daily activities.

Why Choose Dymond?

We searched for over a year to find somewhere that had sensory-based therapy that accepted our healthcare. I am very happy with the progress both our children have made with Dymond. They are professional, innovative, caring, and thorough. I highly recommend their services and the office support is wonderful as well.
Maureen E.

Southern Pines, NC

I love the fact that everyone works together here. Everyone that works with Isaac is great and treats him like he's the only child they have to work with. Anytime I have questions, all the therapists sit there and talk to me until all my questions are answered.
Teresa L.

Sanford, NC

Put simply, we could not be more thrilled with the Dymond Clinic. From the warm and friendly environment to the competent and dedicated therapists; the total experience has been positive. Even the office staff could not have been more accommodating in meeting our scheduling needs. My daughter has benefited immensely from the therapy she has received. We are very grateful for the personal and comprehensive approach.
Jennifer W.

Spring Lake, NC

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