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Lactation Developmental

Successful Breastfeeding Checklist

Our lactation-informed Occupational therapists at Dymond provide a support system. The list below will help provide you with insights into the milestones you and your child should be achieving.


Infant has at least 6 wet diapers and 2 diapers with bowel movements across a 24 hour time frame

Baby demonstrates and mom understands feedings cues

Milk is offered in response to feeding cues of baby

Baby maintains an appropriate weight and growth trajectory.

Baby suckles and swallows effectively during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

Baby demonstrates a rooting reflex when seeking a nipple

Baby is satiated and relaxed at the end of feedings.


Positioning during feedings is comfortable for mom and is allowing adequate milk transfer for baby

Mom does not have nipple pain during latch or nursing

Mom does not have nipple sores/blisters or shape distortion following feedings

Mother’s milk supply is adequate,not experiencing oversupply or undersupply

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